The facilities are provided for the local community. An alternative to the higher-end, luxury facilities within Leicester City Centre and surrounding areas.

The Venue is located within the Spinney Hills, to the east of Leicester City Centre. Overall, the site is in a sustainable location, with good opportunities for access by foot, cycle, and public transport.

Via Road
Gwendolen Road, connects to the A6030 (part of Leicester’s outer ring road), to the B6416 East Park Road.

There is onsite parking spaces, that includes disabled parking bays. The parking provision is available for staff and visitors.

Leicester has a good network of cycle infrastructure, although there are no designated cycle routes on the local roads surrounding the site. Cyclists could safely use the carriageway.Cycle parking is provided at the site.

The number and frequency of bus services, and the proximity of the bus stops to the site are excellent.

Download The Venue map and parking plan.